Dibutuhkan Satu Milyar Cinta Untuk Perdamaian

Hari ini saya menemukan sebuah website berjudul 1 Million Love Messages. Ini adalah sebuah blog berisi surat-surat cinta yang boleh dikirimkan oleh siapa saja kepada siapa saja. Tentang blog ini disebutkan:

1 Million Love Messages it’s a place to share our best loving feelings with the world.
This Blog is made – almost all – by readers. In this project I receive and publish Love Messages send by people from all around the world. It’s where you can share what you feel for someone special in your life: you’re boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sun, daughter, mother, father…
Or where you can simply share a Love Thought with the world.
It’s a Blog about love in our life… love in the world.”

“It all started with the wars in this little planet we live in.
A piece of love drops in the middle of a world full of hate?
Can that be contagious?
That’s the point.
The idea is to spread the love and/or friendship around the world.
But are there one million people that do like the use of the “love” word in their lives? Well that was the question that originated this project.
I believe there is… and the only way I can prove it, is with this project.
You don’t need courage to say I LOVE YOU to the person that you love.
All you need is:
A computer with Internet connection…
onemillionslovemessages on your browser…
And your heart and fingers to write what you feel.
It’s fantastic how we can make a difference in a person’s life only by saying or writing 3 simple words ‘I LOVE U’.”

Mungkin absurd dan klise. Namun setelah membaca (hanya) beberapa posting surat cinta di blog tersebut, welll….proyek yang menarik.

Cinta bisa diungkapkan dengan kesederhanaan yang indah, seperti:

“From: Monica Lasich, 41, Irvine, CA
To: Cory Vincent, 40, Irvine, CA

You are the best husband a wife could have.

Monica Lasich – Falling Awake”

Atau, masih mungkinkah kita berharap proyek-proyek seperti ini dapat memaksa para penguasa dunia menghancurkan senjata-senjata pemusnahnya dan membuat bumi jadi lebih menarik untuk ditinggali?

“From: Mom, 43, Baltimore, MD
To: Erich, 24, serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan

We’re very proud of you and we pray for your safety every day.
Please be safe; take care of yourself and those around you.
Sam, Alex and Riley all miss you too – and Stephanie especially misses you.
Be careful; you’re going to be the father of my grandchildren one day!!
Love, Mom ( Fatima Ponders )”

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  1. ria

    wow… thanks 4 the link… kayaknya asyik nih…
    btw, I love reading ur blog.
    just keep writing
    salam kenal 🙂

  2. denny hariandja

    Thanks, Ria. Met kenal juga. Sering-sering mampir yah. 😉

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