Japan’s newspapers facing a crisis | Media | guardian.co.uk

Now that’s a headline I didn’t expect to write. For so long Japanese newspapers appeared to be immune to the difficulties faced by the printed press in other advanced economies.

But the situation has changed, due to a 42% decline in advertising spending over the past decade, which has been exacerbated by the global downturn that has hammered the Japanese economy.

The shrinking revenues coincide with a scramble by Japanese publishers to make their online editions profitable and attract a new generation of readers in an ageing society.

“Newspapers are seeing a crisis coming,” says Shinji Oi, a professor at Nihon University.

Source: AFP

Dua sampai tiga tahun lalu, jumlah pembaca koran di negara ini masih salah satu yang terbesar di Asia. Merangkul digital gen yang jumlahnya terus meningkat lagi-lagi menjadi pekerjaan rumah media konvensional.


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